Lady be good

March 15, 2012

Scarf: vintage, from my aunt's
Red jacket: vintage
Black dress (worn underneath): Forever21 (?)
Purse: ? 
Red stilettos: Target
Nail polish: OPI Vodka and Caviar
Lipstick: New York Color Ultra Moist Lipwear in Retro Red

There are days where I dress in a way that can be seen as "classic", as opposed to jeans or sweats and a tee-shirt and Converse. I don't own a pair of Converse, actually. I used to, but I was reluctant to wear them. Stilettos, however, that's a different thing.

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Jhilmildsaha said...

You are looking gorgeous and the stilletos and purese are to die for.

Dale202 said...

Love this post and you're right it's classic but the red blazer is still so trendy. Your hair and makeup is done perfectly too. Thanks so much for stopping by


Makeupofpeluche said...

très classe ce look     i love look !

Kimberly said...

lovely outfit very ladylike!

Ashley said...

Your hair works so well with this look.  The scarf totally adds the finishing touch.

I used to LIVE in Converse, but I've been straying away from them these days more and more...not sure what it is!

Sensaatio said...

Ooh, such a lovely outfit, so classy and ladylike :)

Wave said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I can't believe you haven't been to Eastern Market?! You have to go especially if you like to cook because they have wonderful produce & fresh meats.  You're so right I love hearing compliments about my cooking lol it definitely fuels me to want to keep cooking. My husband is gone this week so all my friends are coming over & requesting dishes haha so I'll probably be eating more than usual. Hope to stay in contact :)

Mandy said...

You look as sweet as candy, missy! Absolutely delicious! Love all the bright tones - you've combined them to perfection. :) 

Thank you for your lovely comment. :) Love your blog too and am following you now! 

Hope you'll pop back in soon! <3<3 Mandy xx

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