Ice latte

March 18, 2012

As those living in the DC area have certainly noticed, the weather has been extremely warm these past few days. Feeling too lazy to go to Starbucks for my caffeine fix (that's a consequence of warmth... and lack of caffeine), I decided to make my own easy version of their ice latte.
For this, I combined 1/2 cup of milk (you can use whole, fat free, soy or almond), 2 tablespoons of instant coffee (I used Nescafé, a staple in any Mediterranean household), 4 1-gram sachets of Splenda (more or less depending on how sweet/bitter you want your latte to be) and four ice cubes. I mixed the instant coffee and Splenda with a little milk until it melted, then added all the milk and stirred vigorously with a spoon (if you're feeling extremely zealous, you can put it in a shaker, but there's no essential need to go through the trouble).
Of course, if you intend to watch this during tonight's episode of Desperate Housewives, which will be particularly sad, you can add a shot of whiskey, vodka, or coffee liqueur* which would make a Black-and-White Russian, I think. Or just forget about the coffee and milk. Caffeine at night isn't particularly recommended.

(*Disclaimer: Suggestions and mentions of alcohol for informational purposes only. Mademoiselle Sonushka does not encourage or condone underage drinking. Drink responsibly.)
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Sensaatio said...

Looks so yummy, too bad I'm not drinking any coffee atm..

Danielle Paniccia said...

i wish i had one of those right now. yum!

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