Flowers, cherries and crochet, oh my!

Flowers, cherries and crochet, oh my!

Summer seems to have walked in as early as in March on the East Coast. Despite this being possibly a sign of global warming, the nearing-80 degrees weather we've had the past few days is simply putting me in a wonderful mood. 
Here are a few trends I am loving this season: Florals (isn't this purse to die for?!), cherries (I'm lusting over this retro swimsuit for my beach excursion, which could be as early as next week-end), and crochet: as a self-proclaimed proud serial crocheter, I am planning to make a similar cardigan, a necklace, and definitely the tote bag (I'm thinking either granny squares or multi-layer large flowers attached together). 

What items are on your summer shopping list?

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Linda said...

Gorgeous items!

Linda from

Living Mannequin said...

I would love to have each of these things hanging in my closet! So cute!


Jhilmildsaha said...

Floral prints are so feminine.So is Crochet.I remember how my granny used to make crochet stoles and table covers.I wish I had learnt too.

Karen said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous picks!!! The dress and shoeeees <3

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