February 07, 2012

Cat-eye sunglasses: vintage boutique in Paris
Vintage red polka-dots day dress: thrifted
Beige heels: TJ Max
Shimmery blue asymmetric cardigan: H&M

It is only a year ago that I decided to take the plunge in the world of vintage. My very first two vintage items (if we don't count the jewelry from the 1960s that my grandmother has passed down to me) were a black Italian leather purse and a brown chinchilla coat that I bought during a cold November in Paris, when I stopped at a coffee shop/bar that had, every Saturday, a vintage vendor from the Marais bring some of his merchandise and sell it there. Naturally, they were overpriced (like everything in Paris), although I got the purse at a lower price because there was a scratch on the bottom. 
Then I began slowly growing my collection. From Toulouse I purchased some of my favourite items ever, including beautiful evening gowns that I can't wait to wear out (I'm thinking the Metropolitan Opera this April!). 
Back in DC and having a car, I went for thrift stores, where the experience is dramatically different than cute vintage boutiques. Among a lot of horrid, bad smelling knockoffs (and most of the times in dangerous neighbourhoods), I managed a few times to find some buried treasures, like this Woorward and Lothtrop leather purse that I showed you a few months ago. 
I also found, with many other things, this red dress. I wore it at an informal dinner party at my home two nights ago, and at first, I had doubts, I felt like I was being looked at oddly; I was also afraid that it still smelled despite me thoroughly hand-washing it about eight times à la Lady Macbeth. Then the compliments started pouring, and I was glad I dared. 

PS: I feel like I look pregnant in one of the pictures. I really really really am not (I just had a lot of diet coke because I needed caffeine), so those worrying that this blog will transform into a mommy blog with updates on my doctor visits, and then a fifteen-page-long exposé about my labour and all that, don't. This won't be happening in this decade, I assure you. And I am really not likely to blog about it if it does; I know some do, but for me, it's rather private. 
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Plami said...

I love the retro vibe of this outfit! It's so cute, feminine and elegant! You look gorgoeus!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! It really means so much to me!


Pop Champagne said...

I've never been to Paris before but I've heard that things there are pricey! you look great with the dress :)

chibiaion said...

Fab! You look really charming with that dress on. Pink polka is the new love.
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jhilmilbeauty said...

Thats a nice retro look you have put together...i love the beige heels.
oh yeah!!you are such a darling to suggest me to write about the products I mention on my blog.I have started doing that. Thank you so much!!

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