People will talk - Part I

Brick crochet cardigan: Etam
Black dress: Cameleon (White Flint Mall)
Black tights: Forever21? 
Orange/red heels: Target

There was a time when I was extremely sensitive about what people said about me: a small remark on my weight and I'd storm off the room and go cry like a baby in the bathroom (or in my bed). It was too bad for me, because since age 5 I did get a lot of "you're fat" followed by a nasty laugh from a certain family member. Before high school, I was 5'8, weighed 105 pounds and was on my way to become a model. Well, then came higher academic ambitions thus loads of stress, thus acne and weight fluctuations (with an BMI still in the "Normal" range but closer to "Overweight") on the yellow brick road that is my life. My confidence was hit. For the first two years of high school, I hated how I looked, and this family member didn't help me feel better about it. 

Then I decided that I would stop hiding, I would put myself first, and I would appreciate myself. If I am to lose weight, it would be for me, because I want to look at myself in my full-size mirror and think "This woman is smashing hot". In the meanwhile, I respect my evolving self (as long as I don't evolve to end up looking like Abby Lee from Dance Moms*). For example, I am tall, and I like my legs: I thus flaunt them by wearing shorter skirts (and of course, make sure it doesn't make me look like a prostitute) and high heels that make them look longer and toned. I've also realized I can't fight my large hips as I am hourglass-shaped. So I emphasize my tiny waist, and I like it.
And I get compliments on my legs, my silhouette and on my fashion style, rather than comments on my weight.

People will always talk. She's too skinny. She's too fat. She's too tall and yet she wears heels. She is probably not a real redhead**. She thinks she's a queen or something***. But I've realized that for people to love you, you've got to love yourself. For something that sounds so bloody cliché as that, it is true.

* Disclaimer, that's not a plus-size-citizen-bashing, just saying that I myself wouldn't like to become a plus-size citizen. HOWEVER, being over a certain weight is unhealthy and can cause certain diseases (diabetes, heart problems, etc), so I personally don't like how the media seems to almost encourage it these days.
**DISCLAIMER: this is NOT a confession.
*** Ok, perhaps this part is true.

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MarieAntoinette said...

omg, i love your heels! ♥

Lady and Olga said...

Très jolie robe, et escarpins ! :)

Dale Janeé said...

I really like this post and I think you're so right that people will talk and I went through similar things in high school so I totally know where you're coming from. I think you look gorgeous and you style your dress really well. I love your red heels too. Keep up the great posts, I think a lot of girls would find what you wrote very helpful.

Following you now


jhilmilbeauty said...

What a fabulous post.I used to have the same issues as a teenager,getting bullied by classmates for me being big-busted and used to wear oversized boys' shirt.Then later in my professional life when I moved to a more fashionable city, I realized that what God has given me is a boon and I should not be ashamed of that.Sometimes these realizations are a blessing I guess, to get back our confidence and to have a better approach to life.

Amina said...

Oh you look so beautiful in this dress with these shoes !
I love your outfit: nice post !

Sweetie K said...

I love the shoes!!!! nice post

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