Happy Monday

February 06, 2012
Happy Monday

I'd like to start off this new week by sharing with you some of my recent favourites:

- Sargent's Portrait of Madame X (pictured above). There are no words to describe this wonder, and the history behind it is fascinating.

- Liz Taylor and Paul Newman in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Put together virtually the two best actors of all times and the witty texts of Tennessee Williams, one of my favourite playwrights in the remnants of the Old South, and you have a masterpiece. Oh, and I simply can't get enough of Paul Newman shirtless. <3

- Cats Versus Humans. A hilarious cartoon blog by a little cat lady  captures what is so hilarious and cute about cats. Not only I relate to it, as a cat lover, but it really brightens my day. Among my favourite posts, I recommend this one.

- Poison Ivy's Wall of Text. A blog about opera, which, if I haven't made it obvious enough, is my favourite favourite favourite thing in the whole wide world. I've been reading it for a while, and the writer clearly is passionate: she knows what she's talking about. Her reviews are not just interesting, but witty: "Zefirelli's Phantom of Traviata". Love her.

Maria Calla singing the Chanson Bohème from Carmen. She's exquisite all the time, but as I can't put every single aria she sang here, I have chosen this one, which I find so beautiful and sensual, sulfurous. What the perfect Carmen needs to be.

- Daughters of Fortune. I've stumbled upon this novel by British author Tara Hyland a while ago when I was looking for something new and refreshing to read (yes, I admit that *gasp* once in a while I need to get away from my classics). It's excellent. I could go longer, but I am not doing a book critic (I typed it, but it was very long so I decided to post it separately). I definitely recommend it, as I'm sure you'll love it. It is a masterpiece.

- My L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Cream. I've been on Accutane for a little while now, and although some of the side effects are not as terrible as I feared they would be (it's working excellently), I am so thankful there actually is a moisturizer that helps me fight dry skin and creates a smooth even base for make-up (no need for primer here!) without making it break out.

- Desperate Housewives. I've been watching it non-stop, whether it's the current (and last, bouhouhou) season, or the very first, which I have on my DVR. The only problem is that the first season partly revolves around the Bree/Rex/George love triangle, and pharmacists are starting to freak me out (those familiar with DH will understand why). As if running into a woman with a slight physical resemblance with Felicia Tillman at the grocery store two days ago wasn't scary enough (I left my full cart right there and ran out for my life, on my stilettos bien sûr).

- Forever 21. As some who have seen my Polyvore sets have noticed, it is one of my favourite brands, and it has evolved so much in the past six years, from having a few decent items among too many that looked just cheap, to actually offering wonderful fashion at excellent prices. It's obvious only from walking by their storefront at the mall that their designers have done their homework and been to fashion week, since the latest trends are there, only more affordable. There's rarely anything tacky (and God knows I've got extremely high standards about that), and many items are of designer quality without looking like bad knock-offs. See the beaded clutch above? I tend to mistake it with vintage Chanel.
Note: I am neither paid nor affiliated by Forever 21 or anything like that... (although I'd love to be their spokesperson in the future!) 

And this is all for this week. I love very much to hear from you all, so tell me what you think and what your favourites are.

Also, I very much want to hear about more amazing blogs worthy to be read (on fashion, beauty, but also food, music, interior design, travel, anything... Oh, and politics. I really need blogs that relate VERY well the aspects of the presidential campaigns both in the US and France). So I'm open to and eagerly awaiting your suggestions!

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jhilmilbeauty said...

Your choices are as gorgeous as you are.My twitter id is @jhilmildsaha and I am following you there.Although I dont have a page in facebook, I am following your page from my account there.Love,

Walking on Sunshine said...

nice photos and post! I follow you too!
thank you so much for you really nice comment, you made me smile with it :)
check out my new post xoxo

Beauty Follower said...

Saw recently Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, great movie, so handsome both of them!
Love that painting (Sargent's Portrait of Madame X) she looks so elegant and her gawn is something i would wear.

Ana Carneiro said...

I love the products from L'Occittane, they work wonders and smell great!


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