Ah Dieu, que des bijoux!

February 05, 2012

Today, I'm taking you on a tour inside my jewelry closet. I've taken the time to reorganize it a while ago, getting rid of all the jewelry that was broken, worn-out, tacky (yes, we all make questionable accessory choices in our teens, and mine included... well, you won't see it), or that I clearly wasn't wearing anymore (my little cousins have thus inherited plastic bags and plastic bags of jewelry). As a result, I have an aerated collection that also looks beautiful when you open the closet. When closed, it has a mirror on the door, which is great, because I love mirrors! Thus the pleasure of opening it and selecting what jewelry to wear before going out.
So without lingering any longer, let the tour begin! And as a soundtrack, may I suggest the Jewel Aria from Faust by Charles Gounod, sung by the wonderful Maria Callas!

I just love wearing pendants. Most of them are from Claires and Forever 21 (like the cupcake, the Matrioshka and the English  phone booth). The third from the left was given to me by a very dear friend, she has the same herself. The one with the blue butterfly (I love to call it the Madame Butterfly pendant, as I am an obvious opera lover) comes from Toulouse, and obviously I've been wearing it almost every single day recently.

Here's the earrings. I must precise that I have many more that I did not part myself from, but I don't have any room for here. I kept the one I wear most often around. Once, I had to put some jewels into a different bag because I had no room at all in the closet, and I completely forgot about them. It was quite a great surprise to find it again, randomly. I realized I actually had really nice jewelry that I haven't worn in a long time, which dissuaded me from going to the mall and buying more. Which, consequently, allowed me to buy more shoes instead. (Yes, I am this incorrigible).

On this section, I put rings, brooches, and earrings that I can't fit elsewhere. You'll notice the ring at the top left is not in a very good state, and let me reassure you by telling you that I don't wear it anymore: I keep it merely for sentimental reasons, as it was offered to me by someone special a very long time ago. I keep a lot of stuff around for sentimental reasons, although I toss some of it once in a while. I love very much the vintage angel earrings at the top right; I got them at a flea market years ago in Arlington, and I wear them once in a while (only because they're quite heavy for my sensitive earlobes!). Below them is a single red earring I've bought at the same market: I've lost the second one but I'm hoping I'll find it back. The shoes with the red rhinestones were a gift from one of my aunts as a tribute for my love/obsession for shoes, and I've gotten the cats with pink rhinestones this Christmas from my other aunt, because obviously she knows I LOVE CATS!!! (As in, if I had no restraint, such as school/work/etc, I'd be living with 30 cats at this very moment). 

Here's where I put the larger, chunkier necklaces. I'm forced to fold them in a certain way so the door would actually close. The first three from the left are handmade, from Africa via a market in Toulouse (again, always!). Next, the rhinestone choker is the one I wore at my graduation and prom, almost three years ago. Next to it is the one you may have already seen, as I wore it last Halloween with the skull cameo earrings.

And that's the end of our tour, for now, as I'll certainly update when I get new jewelry. I can't resist retro pieces, they're just too great. And Forever 21 has a selection that is both fashionable and affordable. Not to mention, I've (re)-started making my own jewelry (but it damages my nails, so I don't do much.... more on that later!). So you haven't heard the end of it! In the meanwhile, I'll be preparing more tours into my walk-in closet, my shoe collections, and hair and make-up!

PS: I think there's a problem with my camera, the lines in the pictures are not quite vertical/horizontal. Unless my photo skills are absolutely dreadful. Anyways, until I get a professional camera, bear with me.

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jhilmilbeauty said...

What a beautiful collection!!Thanks for sharing the idea of storing jewelries.My neckpieces tend to get entangled with each other the way I store them.Cant wait to see yout makeup and other products storage.

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

You have so many lovely pieces of jewelry! Everything is so colourfull and fun! x

IwonKa said...

Love your jewelry!!! Love your blog too :)
Thank you for stopping by.
If you follow me I will follow you back:)

Yuliya ♥ said...

J'adore !

Shari Ana said...

nice selection - how do you choose which to wear every morning? love the organization also, will keep it in mind as i definitely need to clean out my jewelry.
xx shari

Chapstick Fanatic said...

thanks for stopping by the blog!

also i am jealous of your jewelry collection. i really only have a few pieces.


Tala said...

thanks for taking us through the tour of your jewels :) that one ring reminds of princess di's ring that now belongs to kate middleton. lovely!

^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Your jewelry box is amazing! love your accessories, it's like that of Forever21's! ^_^

by the way, thanks for your sweet comments on our blog, hopefully we can follow each other. ϡ


paristempslibre said...

Oh you have tested already

Laura said...

Wow you have so much jewelry!


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