It's the New Year, so it's time for resolutions

January 03, 2012

* Loose 15 pounds by my birthday (in March). Easy to say, given the fact that I'm currently craving white wine and a cupcake. 

* Exercise regularly.

* Managing to do it like this guy.

FYI: Last time I tried to parallel park, it was downtown DC under very heavy rain and it took me a good 45 minutes. And I had someone on the phone telling me how to do.The last time I managed to parallel park correctly, it was during my driving exam. (Of course, if anyone from my car insurance company is to read this, JUST KIDDING!!! Disclaimer: the statement above was only made for entertainment purposes and has no connection  whatsoever with reality.)

* Wear daily a pair of the many new high heels I got for Christmas without the faint possibility of breaking an ankle. Like I was born in them!

* Publish my first novel (it's being drafted...). Must hurry on that one, because I'm soon not gonna be able to qualify as the young wunderkind writer, since time is ticking and I'm turning 20 soon. 

* Thrive again in college and only get perfect grades. 

* Make this blog get BIG. Post more frequently (that's a must), do everything for it to thrive!

* Take in hand some matters that have, well, gotten out of hand. And make sure they never do again.

* Be a better, worthier friend for those who have been there for me when I needed them. 

* Procrastinate less. 

* Have an independent job/remunerated occupation that I love and that I'm passionate about. 

* Defeat the very crappy health problem I've been dealing with in 2011. 

I send all my readers my best wishes for  2012! Thanks for sticking by! Loads of love to you all!!! <3 <3 <3 

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Beauty Follower said...

Good luck with your desicions!

Thanks for your comment in my blog.

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