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December 17, 2011

Once again, I've been away. I've been through a few rather challenging, stressful weeks, and as a result I saw myself withdrawing from many interests, activities and other things, including this blog. I've had a temporary loss of motivation, and I decided to take it easy on myself instead of filling my free time by spreading myself too thin.

But I am back.

To all the people asking me if I'm dead (and this sometimes happens to friends and family), I'm not. Actually, on that matter, a psychic predicted that I shall live a long life and die very old. I guess I've gotten through a few life-threatening situations already, (especially in the first days after I got my driver's license, but HEY! As a disclaimer if my insurance company ever reads my blog, it wasn't my fault, the DC area is home to some very very very stupid drivers...), but I survived with very little more than a scratch (at the very worst).

On the subject of psychics, and spirituality in general, it doomed to me how easy it is to declare yourself a non-believer in such things as horoscopes, tarot, etc; but then you realize some things end up true. Some things are due to chance, but sometimes... At the same time, the fact that your future might be already (partly?) determined and not just due to your decisions, acts, free will, can be rather spooky. I gave myself a tarot reading a few months ago (some may advise against reading your own cards, but I took the risk), and despite laughing at some things, I realize they might be getting somewhat true, depending of the perspective with which I consider them. One may also wonder if after reading of what is supposedly to happen, say, in your daily horoscope or after a much more personalized (and expensive) session with a psychic, you unconsciously make it happen.

Confusing, isn't it? Well, in the midst of all this, I call myself somewhat spiritual. I skim through my daily horoscope on my Blackberry, I visited a psychic in the past on one occasion where I was going through a very difficult crisis, I read my Tarot every few months because I love the symbolism and how it can be interpreted. I believe our destiny is a customized mix, and as to mine, the only thing I am certain of is that I'm blessed, touched by an angel. I flirted with this idea for a while, but I had this certitude one sunny day of September 2009, where I had gotten involved in an accident that should have claimed my life, but of which I emerged with only a hurt right ankle, a few scratches and obviously some post-traumatic stress.
In every tarot reading I've ever gotten (and I refer to divination usually in hard times), I've always gotten the Sun. This card, the happiest of the tarot deck, symbolizes rebirth, success, happiness, in other words, the most positive outcome... (and also burns, which happens a lot to me since I am... Miss Catastrophe).
No matter how dreadful times are, no matter how many times I've hit rock bottom, I've always bounced back, and I know I will, again, constantly rise from my ashes.

Do you believe in tarot, horoscopes, psychic readings and other paranormal things? Have you ever felt that your destiny was already written? Tell me all, I'm curious to know!

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