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I've recently discovered the art of crochet. Or, to be more correct, I've been trying to crochet for years but only figured out how this fall. For a while, I produced shapeless objects that could... serve as exotic dancer attire, then squares. I made tons of things out of granny squares. Then, on Black Friday, the only shopping I did (gasp! well, in my defense, the weather was so nice that I spent the whole day outdoors, enjoying nature!) was at AC Moore, where I bought some yarn and an amazing book about crochet, that did really help me learn more stitches and get things figured out.

I thus discovered the art of amigurumi, which, in a nutshell, consists in making cuuute (the cuter the better, cf. kawai, one of my favourite aspects of Japanese culture) stuffed animals, toys, cupcakes, etc. I did my very first amigurumi figure yesterday: it was supposed to be a cat, a cute black cat with green eyes, grey whiskers, and a separate pink dress. I've got something for black cats (and all other cats), I find it so cute how you have all this soft dark fur, then those two shiny eyes and pink nose and paws. Aaaaanyways (I mustn't get started about cat cuteness, not now, not now), I decided to do it with black yarn. It was a bit of a problem, because dark yarn makes it difficult to see and count the loops, thus........... my cat ended up looking like a woodoo doll.

So here's her story: her name is Grizabella (like the one from the musical! Miiidniiiight, not a sound on the paaavemeeeent...), and she is a very old cat who spent all her life at a shelter because she was born with limbs of uneven size. Not to mention, she's a black cat, and most people think black cats are bad luck so that made it even harder for her to be adopted. Then, when she thought all hope of finding a household was gone, a loving flame-haired mistress came and adopted her! And gave her a hat! That was supposed to be a poncho at first but turned out to be a hat!
So back off, those holding long needles and hair strands!

I've gotten started on a pink/purple teddybear, and it's looking good. I hope that soon I will be as skilled as this amazing lady. I am heading to AC Moore tomorrow to get more yarn! I just love crochet, it's so relaxing!

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