Ten things {Love List}

November 03, 2011
1 - This winter's trends prove that good fashion is back! Retro inspirations, and my favourite fabrics, leather, fur and cashmere are back! That's just amazing! It's like all the Fashion Weeks were made to please meee!!! (hahahaha)

2 - Talking about fashion Mastermind, (or should I say Mistress), Happy Birthday to Anna Wintour, the most powerful woman in the world of fashion, the most stylish and elegant, and one of my true inspirations! I hope to see her for many more decades at the head of Vogue!

3 - The Holidays are coming soon! I just love to see Christmas decorations everywhere even if it is rather early, it puts me in such a festive mood!

4 - OPI nail polish in "An Affair in Red Square" (the name is totally delightful for a Russophile like me!). I usually tend to shy away from shimmery nail polishes except for Christmas, but I've been wearing this one since the day after Halloween. It appears I'm really in the mood for holidays!

5 - Manon (opera by Massenet) with Anna Netrebko and Rollando Villazon (they're a legendary operatic couple, they have the most incredible chemistry!). I watched the 2007 Berlin production yesterday night, and I must say, I just LOVED how they staged the story in 1950s Paris, with Anna Netrebko''s looks being a sort of tribute to different famous Hollywood actress at almost every act (including Audrey Hepburn Elisabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe). Here's an except of the fourth act... Yes, it is pole dancing in an opera. Only Anna can pull this off!

6 - Cozying up in bed with some herbal tea while it's cold outside and re-reading the whole Harry Potter series... Who could resist that?! (and how do you resist typing up yet another inspirational quote on Facebook?!)

7 - Being finally able to type faster on my Blackberry! (and without badly chipping my nail polish!).

(Sadly, I haven't learned how to take a picture without my fingers looking monstrously difform... LOL!)

8 - My favourite fall series: Desperate Housewives season 8, Downton Abbey, and Pan-Am!!! They're all amazing and fascinating. DH is my favourite, with this breath-taking plot and those priceless Gabrielle Solis moments (especially one involving some frogs and Bree driving... won't spoil it!).

9 - This blogging project/enterprise/thing. I'm starting to love it! I'm glad I stuck for it this long, and I've managed to build quite some interesting relationships with some bloggers! There will be a guest-post from an amazing blogger coming soon! But shhhh, it's still a surpriiise!

10 - Knitting and crochet! I've always known how to knit, and I've recently learned crochet, so this winter I decided to keep my hands busy and make some new accessories (I'm too much of a novice to start clothing... yet). I went to the craft store and got all sorts of colourful yarns, and I'm hoping that by Christmas I'd have made a few chunky scarves to all of my closest friends! Not to mention, it's so relaxing!

{The Hate Dislike list:

Only one thing this time: "Creative" nail polish

I am quite shocked that colours and styles fit for third-graders are all over magazines and fashion blogs! The most recent issue of Marie-Claire featuring chipped polish shocked me. I mean, what is happening to the world?! I know I've got conservative nail polish tastes (I tend to stick most of the time to all shades of red, light pink and French manicures), but this is too much and it's rather sad that people with an otherwise good taste encourage this. Marbled colours, I think, are fit for girls twelve and under, not grown-up women with careers and such. Crackle nail polish is really the apotheosis of vulgarity. There is really a difference between bold, like one nice strong colour or one nail painted in glitter (The writer of Cupcakes and Cashmere did that with her ring finger, and I'm soo stealing the idea!) and too much. Too much becomes cheap.

Frankly, ladies, keep it simple, nice and chic.}

Disclaimer: I know this is a controversial subject, since obviously so many people are in awe with these trends, and you have the right not to agree with me. However, this is my personal style blog and I am entitled to my opinions, as much as I have the right to dislike and criticize certain trends. So let's just keep it civilized in the comments. Thanks. 

Photo credits: Photo 1, Polyvore. Photos 6, 7, 10, my own. The rest: found on Google Images, property of their respective owners.

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Sick by Trend said...

I admire Anna Wintour a lot :D I'm following

Check my blog and follow me if you like :)


Have a great weekend


AmazinglyBe-AU-tiful said...

I don't really like those nail polishes either.. haha.. great blog. :)

follow me :)


styleroulette said...

Anna Netrebko is amazing! She's like my fave opera singer! Oh and happy bday Anna Wintour! *Quite funny both their names are Anna. =)

style roulette

Wida said...

Ah! I have been meaning to re-read the whole Harry Potter series! I am going to do that soon!

And I agree, that's why I love Europe so much because of its history!

Missing Amsie Blog

Laura said...

I actually like those nail polish, hahaha :)


Pop Champagne said...

hahaha desperate housewives is an entertaining show! and ohh Anna Wintour <3

LOIS said...

lovely post!
Love Lois xxx


E said...

I need to learn how to knit and re-learn how to crochet. It looks so soothing...

Katie Petix said...

I love Christmas decorations too! And I always seem to pick up my needles much more as the weather turns cold. It's just so hard to think about knitting when it's hot out, ya know?

xoxox kat

Sweetie K said...

Anna Wintour soo awesomee...love your nails in the picture with your blackberry..im so into glitter right now.

Stella said...

Nice list.


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