Vanity of the Month: October

October 01, 2011
{What’s the Vanity of the Month? 
The idea: I've decided to create every first of the month an assortment of various beauty products and tools that would answer to current trends and seasonal needs. I’ve tried most of the products featured and they’ve worked on me, but sometimes I try to make an assortment that’s more general, which would help much better my readership than my own very specific needs.}

Korres Lip balm in Wild Rose
Bare Minerals Eye Shadows in Passionate Plum, Pebble, Vanilla Sugar 
Frizz serum, L’Oréal
Nail Polishes : Essie in Who’s She Red and Limited Addiction
Vanity Bag: Forever 21 

I see October as a transitional month into fall. Fall, by the way, is my favourite seasons for many reasons, including colder weather and beautiful tree colours, apple-picking trips to the farm, Halloween, the ability to layer warmer clothes (after three months of wearing the warm weather uniform, the Dress and Sandals).
October makes it possible to wear deeper colours than the usual palette. I choose to stick with classic dark red tones for the nails and lips, and chose a palette of eggshell, taupe and aubergine for eyes. These three colours are classic, chic and not overwhelming. They can be worn alone or together.
As for skincare, I currently use the L'Occitane face cream, which is extremely moisturizing but not at all greasy. I also like the Korres lip balm a lot, because it doubles as lip colour. At last, I add a concealer to hide dark circles that can be due to late night studying/working/procrastinating. I’ve used it in the past and definitely recommend it.
And finally, when it comes to hair, I think at this VERY humid time of the year, when the air is full of static electricity, a good serum is necessary to tame all that frizz. I always carry a travel-size one in my purse, to touch up my hair when I'm out.

All this pretty stuff goes into a pink vanity from a Forever 21 line that donates 10% of the proceeds to the research against breast cancer (October being, as we know, breast cancer month). Talking about that, I’ve read a very interesting Marie Claire article on charities and scams. I strongly recommend it, because what you may be donating may not be helping the research at all.

So there we go, for the very first Vanity of the Month! Hope you enjoy it!

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I LOVE Essie nail polish! I can't get enough of it.

Welcome to CapFabb too! I just joined a couple of months ago. Maybe I'll see you at one of the meetups.

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