Mad About Red

I think red is supplanting pink as my favourite colour. Maybe it's because, being a redhead, I cannot wear pink wihout it clashing horribly. Maybe because I'm growing old and thus getting past my Barbie-diva phase. It's odd, because I'm known to everyone as the girl who's obsessed with pink. 

Maybe red symbolizes what I've been going through recently, or how experiences have shaped me. Passionate, fiery, temperamental, operatic, strong... resilient. 

I used to be afraid of red, thinking back in high school that wearing it would attract too much attention, like the target's bulls-eye. But I grew, in the last year, and consecutively in my college freshman year in Paris, and so did my fashion sense. In April 2010, as I was in New York for NYU information meetings, I stopped at The Body Shop by Chinatown and bought my first red lipstick. I wore it for the day, and felt different. Like a woman, not a girl anymore. 

Womanhood, indeed. Red is the colour of womanhood, while pink, of girly-ness. And I am transitioning from a girl to a woman. 

Funny, how colours affect us so deeply, so personally. This may sound like bogus, but colours have powers, I think. 

{By the way, I'm in LOVE with that ModCloth cape. If something that is supposed to happen this week happens (I will say more later...), I shall get it as to celebrate... And the ruby slippers too!}

What are your favourite colours and what do they evoke to you?

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fashionsastranger said...

Dear Urban-Decay-Mascara-Buddy :)

1. Thanks so much for your kind messages, and for putting me on your blog roll! I don't have one of these yet, but if/when I do, you're on it!
2. I totally have been to Washington DC! But it was when I was 17 on a college trip, so I want to go again soon!
3. I totally straightened my hair a few days ago for the first time in a year, as inspired by your last post! It definitely suits Auré better than me!
4. I would totally love to guest blog for you. I shall email you soon!
5. Green has always been my favourite colour. I don't know why, it just has! My preference in shades have changed over time and it's not a colour I'd always wear. I want to see you in red! And I love all the items you've picked out! I totally agree with your choice of cape! I interned at ModCloth a few years ago. Oh, how I miss the discount! hehe.

Sorry for the massive reply again!
Hope you're having a good week!
Lots of love
A xxx

Sweetie K said...

so into red at the moment!! :)

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