Little blue

October 26, 2011

Blue cardigan: vintage, from my aunt's 
Black tank top (worn underneath): Forever21
Leather belt with gold buckle: thrifted
Black wool pencil skirt: vintage, from my aunt's
Tights: Target
Shoes: Rocket Dog, TJ Max
Cameo pendant and earrings: Monoprix (Toulouse, France)
Sunglasses: Ulta

Today I'm in the mood for retro, lots of retro... I swear, I'm listening to Frank Sinatra, Serge Gainsbourg and Juliette Greco right now.
Actually, I realized that unconsciously the more I looked like a Pan-Am stewardess (SO in love with the show, by the way!), the better. I don't know how many times I've worn this pencil skirt already in the past days/weeks but I'm in LOVE with it. (Mental note: buy more pencil skirts!!! Or at least ones that don't keep riding up! And maybe a bullet bra and seamed stockings. I'm so happy retro is coming back!)
As to the hair, it definitely doesn't say Pan-Am stewardess (would so not pass inspection! ^^), but I washed it last night and braided it to get some nice wave, except it stayed wet (maybe I didn't dry it well, or maybe I didn't get enough sleep), so this morning I had to whip up this little hairdo of mine (French-braided crown from the side part, braid the rest of the hair and attach it into a small side-bun). My eyes still being rather fragile, I didn't do the classic 60s eye-liner either, although I've bought a gel liner from Loréal and I cannot wait to try it and share it with you!

I had quite a fun day, going to a Brazilian film festival in DC with a friend. The movie, "VIP", was really interesting. Hanging out in DC (I live in a slightly more suburban setting, right outside the beltway, for now) got me to think how much I love this city (despite its crazy traffic) despite missing France or wishing for time to pass until I can finally move to New York, explore the whole world, etc, etc. I was in the mood for taking long walks across the city, photograph everything like I did in Paris, stop at small unknown boutiques, etc. Unfortunately, I wasn't exactly wearing the right shoes. Hahaha! Will do that another day.

Otherwise, I'm very excited for Halloween this Monday! I remember last year spending it in Paris, where it's a less known tradition than here; but I must say I'm glad to be trick-or-treatin' in my neighbourhood with my little girls, following my own traditions. I've got quite the costume idea in mind (I never buy costumes from those temporary Halloween adventure stores, they're always overpriced and never interesting enough). And it's gonna be goood! Can't wait to share it with you on Monday/Tuesday!

What are your plans for Halloween? What will you be dressing as?

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fashionsastranger said...

You have been having fun :) I love your hair in this plait lady, you look gorgeous! And what great tunes to get you in the retro mood!

I must admit, we don't really celebrate Halloween in the UK, so we'll probably stay in, and maybe stretch to a scary film, but no outfits. I can't wait to see yours though! Amy xxx

cheryl denise said...

I love your cameo necklace. I have always been a fan of cameos, but have yet to purchase one for myself. Still looking for the perfect one :)

a peek of chic

HeyLadyLove said...

Tres chic! And I have to tell you I am in love with your earrings/necklace. Cheers love!

alicia said...

love your belt + sweater! xo

AmazinglyBe-AU-tiful said...

I love that look! So cute the sweater and the shoes :)

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