Funny girl

(The babies dolls behind me have been mine since I was 2... long story. Will tell it one day)

Off-white jacket: New York and Company
Gray woolen miniskirt: Promod (Paris)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Gussini
Off-white lace purse: Forever 21
Earrings: flea market
Hairstyle: Inspired by Keiko Lynn

First, please excuse (again) the lack of proper eye-make up and more generally the zombie look (and the blurry photo... but maybe that one's for the best); my eyes have been stinging horribly and I've actually typed that with them closed (I now realized I typed zombie "wombie" ;)). I guess it's either some sort of a cold or an allergy to the eucalyptus essential oil I put in my humidifier to avoid a cold (BIG FAIL!!!! in both cases) because I'm also sneezing unceasingly. I wanted to do a retro eye-liner look but I couldn't even think of it with my eyes permanently watering, not even the usual mascara, so I stuck to the usual, foundation, concealer, powder and some fuchsia lipstick to look a whee bit less like a corpse (even if Halloween is coming soon...).

As to the hair....In high school, when I was sixteen, I did something like that, but all I had was people whispering, laughing, and telling me "What the f*** is wrong with your hair today". I actually made an excuse about my hair being so long (it's not anymore) that I had to divide the weight evenly on my head to avoid headaches. Still, let's just not talk about my fashion sense when I was sixteen...

Anyways, three years later and after braided hairdos have been featured in magazines, fashion shows, and by fellow bloggers, I've decided to give that one a try again. I like to incorporate braids in my hairstyles, but I don't know if that one's a WIN or FAIL, it's up to you to tell me.

I am supposed to hit the stores this afternoon (if I can drive with my eyes in such a state), and I've decided to sport this look proudly and confidently: Milkmaid braids and sandals over tights (that's another risky fashion experiment I am doing today, not to mention, they're actually dangerous to walk in...), let's see...

For now, I'll get back to my eyedrops and snuggling with the cat, who's in a very loving mood today.
Thus, to better times (my eyes are killing me from staring at my PC screen), my dear and very appreciated readers,

PS: I tried to take pictures of the hair from behind, but I can assure you, with my rather terrible skills at self-portrait (if not photography at all...), and my "little eye problem", with all the editing in the world, they weren't worth uploading... Believe me. Just stick to Keiko Lynn's tutorial and good luck!

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Laura said...

Your shoes are so cute!!

The Jones said...

Huge fan of the dark tights and light's a trend I've seen a lot recently. Cute floral pattern too...and jacket's kinda Jackie O.

<3 Cambria

Bruce said...

thanks for a great post
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Fabrizia Spinelli said...

I like your style, you’re so pretty in these photos!
Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

Cosa mi metto???

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