Cat Lady in Red

October 02, 2011

Red top: TJ Max
Belt: gift from my mum's (fashionista!) friend
Black pants: Rainbow
Flower hair pin: Leila Rowe
Blue necklace: made by meee! (Yes, I'm handy enough to put pearls on a thread!!! Yipiie)
Shoes (the crème de la crème <3): Target
Scarlett the Cat: my neighbour's! (she's always at my house though!)

I love shoes. And cats. And I love wearing a rose in my hair. In the closet right behind me in the pictures, you've got my HUGE collection of shoes, and many other delightful things that will be featured on this blog in the days/weeks/months to come!

I've maybe already said that I like to dress elegant, chic, lady-like. This is definitely, unless I'm heavily mistaken, not how your average nineteen-year-old would dress on a (very unusually) cold October Sunday, to go have breakfast at Starbucks with her six-year-old cousin, then prepare oatmeal cookies with her, then run around for a few errands. But well, as to this outfit, I tried the top with and without the belt, which one's your favourite? The pants are just my favourite, because they're comfortable and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Not to mention, I think they slim me down (By the way, my hips look HUGE in those pictures).

Now the shoes. The shoes are a different matter. Let me tell you their story. They're the highest (casual) shoes I have. I own them in black, but I like red shoes. I've got a red shoe fetish (JUST KIDDING!). Maybe it's related to the whole Dorothy thing. Or the 1948 movie "The Red Shoes" with Moira Shearer. Anyways, I drove two hours each way on a Saturday night to get them at a Target in Virginia where they had them in my size. I fell, I stumbled, I lost my balance, I even dropped hot tea on myself at Starbucks (ow). Still, I feel GREAT in them, and not to mention the dozens of compliments I get about them.

Talking of the hair, this is a hairstyle I generally do when I let my hair air-dry without doing anything to it (I get crazy waves/curls that get worse if I brush them). I won't dare to do a tutorial because I'm quite a novice at French Braiding (One out of two times I end up with... knots. Bad knots). But here's how I did it: I applied some serum to tame frizz and create some texture, then created a side part, made a headband French Braid until over my ear, then I just braided the whole thing. Yeah. Way to explain. Haha!).

And that's all for today! I'm going to sit on the couch and watch tonight's Desperate Housewives! I'm SO excited about this new season, although I'm quite sad it's the last, especially there's SO much that still needs to happen. I hope they'll do a good job fitting it all through the plot.

A demain,

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Duygu said...

again such a cute post darling :)) .. as always well done and really unique <33

oh not to forget, could you pls do me a favour and vote for me by liking my photo on this link:

that would mean so much to me and maybe you can also spread it on facebook by sharing it :)) puss puss and huggs from

Miranda said...

Red is my favorite color for fall!

Hope to see you at the next meetup!!


Sophie-Marie said...

Thank you for your comment! Red is definitely a fall colour, although I realized I've been wearing it almost all the time! Funny how sometimes you "feel like" one colour and one only. I guess for me now it's red!
Will definitely see you at the next meetup!

Miranda said...

Love the braid!


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