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[Very First Hair Tutorial!! Yaaay!!! And I've got the best hair model ever!]

Recently, I straightened my cousin Aurélie's hair, as I do when she heavily insists; nothing makes her happier (except perhaps if I did it every day... but I don't want to damage her hair yet).
Aurélie, the first girl in the family to be born after me (and three boys) is very very young, but just like me, she looks older, and is very intelligent and precocious. We're extremely identical and very close, and we love having "girls time" and sleepovers in my room for just us two: she loves getting make-overs from me and wearing my high heels (which she does extremely well); I love feeling like I've got a younger sister who is less and less a baby and more and more a preteen (not there yet but... it'll come soon! Boy, her mum will freak out reading that... haha).

Aurélie's light-brown hair is quite a beauty staple for her: it is long, full, curly, rather coarse, and makes her look like a princess (like the late Russian model Ruslana Kornushova in the Nina de Nina Ricci perfume commercial) so much that her mother never cut it, even though it's quite difficult to manage.

I hadn't straightened her hair in about a year because I was concerned about the damage, and because it had grown longer and coarser. But who could resist such a cute face for too long...?
I first began by blow-drying her towel-dried hair with an ionic hair-dryer and a paddle brush, after applying a few drops of heat protecting serum on her lengths and ends. Then, I applied a little more heat protecting serum before separating her hair in three parts: one on the lower half of her head, and two on the top of her head from both sides. I used the highest heat setting available on my ceramic straightener, and passed it over 1-inch-thick strands (they're definitely longer than one inch). It went faster, at least, than when she was younger and wouldn't stop moving all over despite being told repeatedly that the hot iron could be dangerous.

Then when her hair was completely straight, I parted it again, this time to apply a hot iron spray, over which, following the directions on the spray bottle, I applied the flat iron again, strand by strand, since she wanted her hair to stay straight overnight, so she could flaunt it at school the next day. The strand takes a rather sticky, stiff consistence, but you just need to brush it softly so it looks normal again.
Obviously, I wouldn't recommend that for fine, chemically treated or damaged hair (like mine!), but Aurélie's hair is very thick and coarse and can handle that, if done occasionally. For my hair, I usually spray a little of if on a brush after straightening my hair, and apply the product by brushing through. It helps the hair stay straight overnight and resist frizz. I did that to Aurélie and applied a little bit of shine serum on her strands.

(Isn't she quite a natural at striking a pose? Awwww)

She couldn't be happier!
In a way, I don't want my chubby baby to get old, but at the same time I cannot wait for when she'll be a teenager and when it'll be appropriate to go shopping together for make-up that she can actually wear and nice clothes.... I already promised her baby sister, Julie, to take her to a spa day at Elizabeth Arden's for her 10th birthday, since she asked me that herself when we passed in front of the Red Door Spa by my place!
My friends are right, the girls are totally mini-Sophies... (they're not little redheads but there's no need to! haha!)

Products and tools used:
THE spray: Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want Flat Hair Hot Iron Spray
(Disclaimer: don't use regular hairspray: it isn't meant to be used with heat and it will leave you with a capillary necropolis... unless that's what you want ^^. And as always, read the instructions for whatever product you buy...)
Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide
Redken Glass 01 Smoothing Serum
T3 Featherweight Hairdryer
T3 Singlepass Straightening Iron
FHI Heat paddle brush
Rat-tail comb, clips, etc

There we go, for my first hair tutorial! I hope it was clear enough, even though it's neither step-by-step nor with pictures (then again, I'm sure people can find that on Wikihow!). As always, I'm open to questions and comments and... constructive criticism (that is... only if you're in the top 20 fashion blogs haha ;))

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fashionsastranger said...

Dear Urban-Decay-Mascara-Buddy :)
First, your cousin looks so gorgeous and cute, especially with straight hair!
Second, I totally have been to the East Coast :) I love it! I stayed in Pittsburgh for a few months, and I went to New York a few times, and a few other places too!! I love it, and I'm glad you're proud of it!!

So glad you have such fun with your family.

Lovely to speak to you, Sophie-Marie!
Amy xxx

Anet said...

little princes )

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