Lust, un peu, beaucoup

I've prepared a " little" (iiickle, really) wishlist (because I can be whiny, diva-esque and demanding) because a girl likes to dream.... or not just dream: after all, Christmas in in three months or so, and my birthday a bit later (hint, hint, Mummy dearest! haha!). I wanted to post something (you know this feeling when you're opening a new blog and you just want to give up after the first post... Well, here's the second, beats it!) but I won't have the proper lighting and equipment for outfit photos until tomorrow. So, since this is a wishlist, I'll let Mademoiselle (the Diva-in-me alter-ego) present it!

Photos, property of their respective owners: Owl earrings, red coatfur handbag, bell hatBalenciaga ballgownwinedogcatnail polishMontage made by me. 

Mademoiselle wants... a red coat, because she wants some colour in her life, a fur handbag, because it's classy and elegant, a bell hat, obviously for the 1960s retro look. She'd love owl earrings because she's a fan of the Harry Potter books and movies and she'd like to pay a tribute to Hedwig. Mademoiselle should remember getting these earrings as soon as she hits the mall...

Mademoiselle dreams to find a vintage Balanciaga ballgown (or Alix Grès... they're both as amazing... And wouldn't say no to Chanel either...), and would love to cuddle with a long-haired chihuahua and a Persian cat, and savour some Côte-de-Provence rosé wine (unfortunately, she can't because of silly religiously fanatic puritan laws that are the reason for irresponsible drinking she's been younger, but she's not that old... yet) while listening to Maria Callas' La Traviata, her favourite opera. 

And Mademoiselle would love to colour her nails with the Rescue Beauty Lounge: The Tudors nail polish in Katherine Howard, since she loves this show and Katherine and Anne Boleyn are her favourite queens, but it'll be very hard to find this limited edition nail polish. 

Loads of Love, 

Mademoiselle {S}

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