Butterfly and Hurricane

It is almost 2:00 AM and my power is going on and off. I can hear very heavy rain and tree branches periodically hit my window. We have been preparing for Hurricane Irene for the past two days, and although weather alerts in the Washington DC area tend to be very exaggerated (shelves at the grocery store already empty when only three inches of snow are expected), this one seems quite serious. Hopefully it'll be over without any serious damage. In the meanwhile, I am sitting in my bed, sipping hot chocolate and watching Desperate Housewives while listening to thunder.
Unfortunately, preparing for the hurricane, which meant among others a whole day of driving through five different areas (Bethesda, Rockville, Potomac,  North-West DC and Silver-Spring), going from a Target/CVS/Safeway/Giant to another to find empty shelves and no more flashlights or batteries, left me no time to prepare outfit photos. Besides, the mood is rather gloomy around here, with pre-apocalyptic scenes and general panic, for me to be inspired to dress up nicely.

I've been running around in a white summer dress and black high-heeled sandals (elegance oblige), leaving my hair as it is, naturally wavy, because the weather was much too humid. For some reason, I can't just do like "normal" people and wear sweatpants and sneakers.
If I did, I would feel oddly out of place, like one of these dreams when you realize in utter terror that you showed up in class wearing only underwear. Although, perhaps, if you've got the "diva" mind like me, you might save yourself from shame a little by making your subconscious mind dress you in a beautiful silk and lace deshabillé, perhaps like the ones pictured below, from this vintage website to which I'm addicted.

Funnily enough, I seem to have outgrown the anxiety of being in a hurricane. Yesterday, as I was roaming through the aisles at Target, I felt dizzy with panic, all of the sudden not knowing what sort of foods I should get if we lost power and had no fridge. I tried to call a friend, but there was no signal. I had to breathe deeply so I wouldn't give in to panic. Not in public, I thought. Remain composed, like a lady. Very Bree Van de Kamp, one may say.

However, at this very moment, when they're saying the hurricane's supposed to hit at its worse, I just got my hair done (root touch-up) and straightened it (because it looks longer! haha), and even though I've got the flashlight right at my reach, I am now feeling in a mood light enough to blog and research at-home keratin treatments.
I managed to crack up a laugh earlier tonight when I was using a big kitchen knife to cut an onion for a stir-fry (I LOVE cooking!). People tease me a lot about my clumsiness and the fact that I become a public danger when I'm handling a hot drink, and my Ipod, on shuffle, ironically played "Con Onor Muore", the final scene of Puccini's opera Madam Butterfly (the part where the eponymous principal character is holding a large knife and, well... I won't spoil it for you). I've always had difficulty with onions (teary eyes don't help!) and there's a history of me with a knife that slips out of my hand... I've been lucky, always lucky, to generally avoid dangerous accidents or serious injuries, but there was maybe a veeery obscure reason for why my mother always preferred that I use plastic knives when I cook.

Hoping that Irene won't deprive me from the brightness, (I am the kind of person who needs a LOT of light, otherwise, hello, seasonal depression!), I say, to better times!

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